Sunday, April 6, 2014

What as a country we want this time around!

Are we fighting corruption this time? The thought is well timed and is catchy and has definitely stormed the nation. But let’s understand and agree that we are country of selfish and corrupt individuals, let’s look inside. I mean it’s a human fact. Not just us, corruption exists in each and every part of the world. Right from the USofA to the streets of Australia, wherever humans are handling an activity, there’s bound to be a selfish motive and that’s corruption.
While I agree that congress has taken this menace to an all new level and they should be punished and penalized for that. So, in essence we are not fighting corruption; rather we are fighting the party which has tremendously made it a household talk. But the moot point is that lets understand what as a nation we are in dire need of. What is it that’s missing in a country of world’s 2nd largest manpower. What is it that has been stopping us to become a nation to reckon with since last 66 years of independence?
I think, we are losing on an “approach” and when we look around now, it’s this right approach only by which even the smaller nations have started beating us on our established grounds of IT and manufacturing. China has not become a miracle overnight, there’s an approach that they’ve followed.
Don’t we want to see ourselves as a developed nation sooner where economy is growing by leaps and bounds and we have growth stemming from everywhere? Don’t you wish to see our villages becoming cities and our cities becoming world–class.  At least that’s the India which I want, what about you?
At least, I don’t wanna fret my energies for the next 5 years talking about communism, socialism, marxism, secularism, democratism, blame games, dharnas and things like that. It’s high time we mature and move on. It’s not exciting for a 66 years old country to still be at it. Rather, what we want in the next 5 years is a revolution of growth, development, upliftment and smiles from all beckons of our society, from all corners of the country. Wherever we see, we see growth, every new day. Sounding idealistic, but at least let’s make an attempt.
Now, if that’s what you also wanna see, if that’s your dream of India too, then, let’s think which is that political outfit which can take us on that path. No, no, let’s not jump on the conclusion, let’s arrive at it.

Three contenders, right? Or should we call two? Let’s talk about all three.

Let’s start with India’s oldest political party, Congress. I think the biggest problem here is that they have an immature leader who can’t handle even an interview well, how can he handle our nation and our dream. The people around him have seen so much money in especially last five years that we’ve seen our economy in sheer doldrums. I would fear Rupee might go to Rs.100 while we might even see a rage of huge economic deprivation with uncontrollable rising inflation as let’s give it to them, they had no clue to get the basics right, I wonder why? How can one go so wrong? It’s like we’ve gone back by 5 years rather than moving forward. A mistake which I would again at least not commit!
Now, let’s talk about our next biggest outfit, BJP. Their last rule was not that bad, the basic economic indicators were mostly in control. Their leaders too had not done mass money-making. And to top that, this time around they have a diabolical leader who gives enough hope of economic development. His tainted history can’t set a precedent as we don’t have a parallel. He definitely looks capable, holds a proven track record and has a hunger to perform too for the nation.
            Talking about hunger, our third outfit, the latest one on the block, AAP, too shows enough hunger. But I’ll take you back to the premise. Their core agenda is anti-corruption, we need to ask ourselves, is this our core agenda or development is. And I don’t think they are inter-related, both needs separate focus and separate vision. Also, if corruption could have been totally uprooted, name at least one country in the world which is totally non-corrupt. I don’t wanna spend the next 5 years cleaning up a mess which can’t be cleaned via many more dharnas and hence we again lag behind by 5 precious years? Also, when I see their leader, I still don’t see a Prime Minister yet in him, though I couldn’t see one in our last PM too, but can we repeat the same mistake? Even other AAPtards, look too young, too inexperienced, and craving for media attention and quick fame. Digging deep in them, I don’t see they can run a 66 year old nation as of now. My problem with their leader is also that like he’s left Delhi, he can leave India’s key post too, may be to fight corruption world-over and vie for Obama’s post next time around. He’s capable right?
So, I’ll leave the decision to each one of us, but my only request is that this time around, let’s get the awesome economic wave going...let’s give next 5 years to huge development and hence jobs...its high time India forges towards developed economies like a rage...its high time we become a country to reckon with and whoever gives that hope this time, let’s get him for next 5 years, let’s go for the capable rather than the rhetoric.
But for that, let’s go and vote for sure!

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