Sunday, April 6, 2014

What as a country we want this time around!

Are we fighting corruption this time? The thought is well timed and is catchy and has definitely stormed the nation. But let’s understand and agree that we are country of selfish and corrupt individuals, let’s look inside. I mean it’s a human fact. Not just us, corruption exists in each and every part of the world. Right from the USofA to the streets of Australia, wherever humans are handling an activity, there’s bound to be a selfish motive and that’s corruption.
While I agree that congress has taken this menace to an all new level and they should be punished and penalized for that. So, in essence we are not fighting corruption; rather we are fighting the party which has tremendously made it a household talk. But the moot point is that lets understand what as a nation we are in dire need of. What is it that’s missing in a country of world’s 2nd largest manpower. What is it that has been stopping us to become a nation to reckon with since last 66 years of independence?
I think, we are losing on an “approach” and when we look around now, it’s this right approach only by which even the smaller nations have started beating us on our established grounds of IT and manufacturing. China has not become a miracle overnight, there’s an approach that they’ve followed.
Don’t we want to see ourselves as a developed nation sooner where economy is growing by leaps and bounds and we have growth stemming from everywhere? Don’t you wish to see our villages becoming cities and our cities becoming world–class.  At least that’s the India which I want, what about you?
At least, I don’t wanna fret my energies for the next 5 years talking about communism, socialism, marxism, secularism, democratism, blame games, dharnas and things like that. It’s high time we mature and move on. It’s not exciting for a 66 years old country to still be at it. Rather, what we want in the next 5 years is a revolution of growth, development, upliftment and smiles from all beckons of our society, from all corners of the country. Wherever we see, we see growth, every new day. Sounding idealistic, but at least let’s make an attempt.
Now, if that’s what you also wanna see, if that’s your dream of India too, then, let’s think which is that political outfit which can take us on that path. No, no, let’s not jump on the conclusion, let’s arrive at it.

Three contenders, right? Or should we call two? Let’s talk about all three.

Let’s start with India’s oldest political party, Congress. I think the biggest problem here is that they have an immature leader who can’t handle even an interview well, how can he handle our nation and our dream. The people around him have seen so much money in especially last five years that we’ve seen our economy in sheer doldrums. I would fear Rupee might go to Rs.100 while we might even see a rage of huge economic deprivation with uncontrollable rising inflation as let’s give it to them, they had no clue to get the basics right, I wonder why? How can one go so wrong? It’s like we’ve gone back by 5 years rather than moving forward. A mistake which I would again at least not commit!
Now, let’s talk about our next biggest outfit, BJP. Their last rule was not that bad, the basic economic indicators were mostly in control. Their leaders too had not done mass money-making. And to top that, this time around they have a diabolical leader who gives enough hope of economic development. His tainted history can’t set a precedent as we don’t have a parallel. He definitely looks capable, holds a proven track record and has a hunger to perform too for the nation.
            Talking about hunger, our third outfit, the latest one on the block, AAP, too shows enough hunger. But I’ll take you back to the premise. Their core agenda is anti-corruption, we need to ask ourselves, is this our core agenda or development is. And I don’t think they are inter-related, both needs separate focus and separate vision. Also, if corruption could have been totally uprooted, name at least one country in the world which is totally non-corrupt. I don’t wanna spend the next 5 years cleaning up a mess which can’t be cleaned via many more dharnas and hence we again lag behind by 5 precious years? Also, when I see their leader, I still don’t see a Prime Minister yet in him, though I couldn’t see one in our last PM too, but can we repeat the same mistake? Even other AAPtards, look too young, too inexperienced, and craving for media attention and quick fame. Digging deep in them, I don’t see they can run a 66 year old nation as of now. My problem with their leader is also that like he’s left Delhi, he can leave India’s key post too, may be to fight corruption world-over and vie for Obama’s post next time around. He’s capable right?
So, I’ll leave the decision to each one of us, but my only request is that this time around, let’s get the awesome economic wave going...let’s give next 5 years to huge development and hence jobs...its high time India forges towards developed economies like a rage...its high time we become a country to reckon with and whoever gives that hope this time, let’s get him for next 5 years, let’s go for the capable rather than the rhetoric.
But for that, let’s go and vote for sure!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

This is one place where “F” has only one meaning and that is “Flaunt” which means to show off. Express yourself, show the world the real you! The concept is brought together by a group of dreamers who wish to break the shackles of the world, make the world free from imposed clothing, banish the status quo and let you enter into your own realm, where you wear what relates to you, you expresses your inherent side.

After numerous conversations with friends, family and even strangers, we thought that someone should fill this void of “wear what you wish” and flaunting the same at the same time. We waited, o yes, we patiently waited for long for someone to fill the same gap while we were engrossed in our mundane corporate lives. But then as they say, heart lies where the heart lies. So we decided to take the plunge to let the world free their minds, expressing each day with their clothing and hence, we copulated and gave birth to

Numerous times when you might have shopped, you would have been in double minds whether you should buy something as simple as a T-shirt or not. Ever wondered why? Let us tell you basis our research the answer to this ever mingling and irritating why is ratyer, its simple, you are confused about buying that piece of cloth coz it doesn’t connect to you only. You might have liked the price or the color, but there’s no connection, still without any options, you end up making it an unused piece of your wardrobe. With, we’ll make sure that that’s not something you would exactly do, ever again…we manufacture and craft only things which directly connect to you, inside out! Something which won’t just sit idly in your wardrobe, rather something that you’ll wish to flaunt, again and again! brings you closer to yourself. Never ever after this, you would wear something that’s not you, rather your clothing will “SHOW THE YOU”. We’ll make sure that each time you go out, meet your friends, party and or do whatever, YOU FLAUNT YOUR-SELF. Our every tee is made to fit your choices, your moods, your personalities.

So, come flaunt yourself, try the various categories, try custom flaunt and yeah, don’t forget to try flaunt your individuality, after all, that’s our out-of-the-world concept detailing all about you.
Come…break the shackles of imposed wearing, rather start wearing yourself!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

IPL Fanatics 3: Let's talk about the presenters!

• Starting with the rejuvenated team of Extraa Innings, where Samir Kochar has become a reely experienced analyzer and a smooth talker deserving the right spot at the air conditioned studios for now.

• Of the other members of the squad, Ayushman (MTV VJ), Gaurav (x-VJ) and Angad Bedi (of our very own Emotional Atyachaar fame Bishan ji da laadla), I liked Ayushmaan the best, ladka heera hai, first MTV, then India’s Got Talent and tht never ending weird music show and now IPL.

• Gaurav is also on the spot, though he looks so thin, that it seems a blow of wind might take him away along with his mic. But, the real disappointment was Angad Bedi, all he could ask cricketers, audiences as well as the team owners was their “feelings” as if they have been suspected on having extra marital. Whether a batsman scores a 50, or he takes some wickets, or the owners of the team is happy due to the victory, his point of conversation is, “How are you feeling”! I’m sure he needs to take classes to learn the art of tackling LIVE telecast, else he will have to pass a loyalty test in da next season.

• Another thing which we all should celebrate is “The return of Siddhu and his Siddhuisms” in season 3 of IPL. He has his own amazing way of analysis filled with it his never-to-be-clich├ęd one liners which many of us love. I love the post-match-show on Times Now called as Summer Slam with Siddhu and Boria Majumdar…they do quite a gripping analysis with a lot of gripping excitement.

• Rest, I’m sure many of us r missing Mandira Bedi this season, though she was looking pathetic in da last season with her skinned look and weird hairdo, but IPL waale could have replaced her with some other eye candy, coz I know we men like gals who can talk some sense about cricket :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

IPL fanatics 2: Let's talk about The Advertisements!

• Well, though the return of Zoozoos which were a rage in IPL2 definitely deserves a warm welcome with Zoozoos going a little colorful with usage of greens and yellows this time. I think the creation of zoozoos and their world is much more revolutionary than what James Cameron created in Avatar…and if this was movie, it could have reely won the Oscar just for the heck of imagination and creativity. (zyada ho gaya kya! ;)…khair, till now, I loved the WANTED ad the most of all of the recently featured ones. Which one did you like the most?

• Other ads which definitely catch the eye is that of Akshay Kumar’s weird n funny laugh “ha ha ha” promoting Micromax mobiles well. Well, “ha ha ha” was never funnier than this, everyone who watches it, at least tries it once…great concept! Post Sachin’s 200 in Micromax sponsored series, I think of all the new mobile companies like Karbonnn, Maxx mobiles, etc. etc., these guys r right on track…at least with their marketing…”ha ha ha”!

• I personally hated each n every Ungli Cricket ad by Idea. Even if a few of those ads are ok, the entire concept of Ungli Cricket somehow doesn’t connect with me. But, it’s possible that they might be minting some revenues from our SMS crazy nation.

• Also, SRK’s just doing fine with his typical Coach finding ads.

• Havells fans hav come up yet again with those pathetic ads saying koi aur bachaye na bachaye…ye zaroor bachayega…wat da hell!!!

• Rest, thrs no ad which is even worth a mention. U can add any in case it has caught ur attention…let the world know n realize :-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not for IPL fans, but for IPL fanatics!

However vella/busy my life was, I was desperately waiting for the IPL 2010 extravaganza to begin from March 12th and believe u me, I hav been glued to watch all the matches to the max possible. And hence, for me and m sure for many of u, the IPL fever is on…n tht too BIGTIME! :-)…so if u count urself among not just IPL fans, but IPL fanatics…then here’s an attempt 2 start a nice IPL get together place for all u cricket followers…

Now, as we know IPL has been associated with a lot of upsets in every season, the teams coming last in season 1 (BRC and DC) fight in the final of season 2. The team running worst in season 2 (KKR) wins their match against the last year winner (DC). I don’t know how much Lalit Modi or IPL organizers ‘plan’ all of this, but none of us deny that we all love the 20-20 game to the core and enjoy the fun n hoopla associated with it all-the-more…:-)

In this series, I would like to bullet some salient points which many of us might have been noticing in this IPL/which catch our eyes…and for those who don’t see them, we'll try bringing them to the fore, so that we all can have some fun while the extravaganza is ON in our living rooms. And, at the end of it, for all u know, we might b giving some improvement suggestions to Mr. Modi ;-). Nevertheless, the idea is to hav some fun and share some of our thoughts with the larger world, in the times of the day when we r not glued to the idiot-box (before 4 & after 11 PM) almost every day.

Here, we will talk about advertisements during IPL 3, teams strategies, records, commentators, extra innings, cheerleaders, our favorite performances, our favorite teams and many more such things which will keep unfolding in these 45 days…

So, to begin with, like last year, the rivalry @ my home at least has begin yet again with the season, where we all of us have selected our Top 2 teams and have started betting watevr we cud to let the other down…or to feel let down in the end. The top two teams of all house-mates have been put up on the wall with the IPL schedule chart next to the TV and the winners of the day contribute for a small icecream/paan treat at the end of the day...n that's just for starters :-)

Though I know, many of you might have started with a favorite which is ruling at the bottom right now, but still, heart loves what the heart loves, isn’t it? So, with 1 week in IPL, why don’t you also come up with your Top 2 teams so that this small group of real IPL fanatics can cheer ur wins and support u during the tough times of losses :-|…

So, next thing which u should do after reading this, is to quickly show your buy-in with your top 2 teams. Also, do come up wid ur suggestions and thoughts to spice up this FB/Blog space…till my next post, happy reading, happy watching, happy contributing and definitely, wish u gud luck at the field…!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why I stopped blogging!

Well, as many of you know, I was so happy when I joined the world of bloggers! It was one of my “agendas of life” to have a blog of my own. And yeah, it went well for some months (courtesy u) and I used to think about my next post n all… Afteral some of u even used to wait for the next post. Things were so hunky-dory…lovey-dovey on the blogosphere…and then…

Came October’09, the annual IMT alumni party. Met a lot of my friends after almost an year and what I heard mainly was that they have been reading my blogs regularly which made me think, “ki ladka sahi line pe jaa raha hai…the blogging dream has finally worked out well…!!!” BALLS!!! Coz their next comment was that “Dude, we know what’s happening in your life…after all we read your blogs regularly…!” Nothing had struck me till then and I came home happy thinking about my next blog :-).

I was awe-struck the first time when I went to attend a wedding of one of my engineering friend’s in Ajmer sometime arnd November end. It was like we frens were meeting after almost 3 years and the first statement I got when I entered the small hotel room with 4 of my friends in there was that, “Sai hai yaar, gud body, gymming regularly n all!”. Again I was happy saying, “Haa yaar, its fun…u see!” But when I found out that the comment was not because of my visible biceps covered under a sweat-shirt and a jacket, rather it was coz of one of my random Facebook updates!!!...I was surely AGHAST!!! In fact, again I found out that all of them almost knew what’s mainly happening in my life through my blogs/Facebook updates…while their life had a mysterious touch in itself which I wanted to unfold. I was completely unaware of what kind of lives these friends of mine are leading after 4 years post the idiotic engineering days!!!

Usually I keep my family members away on social networks as per policy. But friends to friend’s yeh kahaniya family tak b pohoch chuki thi…I was in Agra to attend another wedding, this time of one of my cousin’s in December’09. I met my elder bro thr after almost 2 years as he’s settled in Mumbai, but he was somehow not talking to me. The moment we met, pop came his leg-pulling statement, “where is your camera crew???”…I couldn’t gauge that for once. The next pick was, “so which channel are you associated with these days” and the third one was “hows page3 column going on?” When I was still clueless about the whole point, I had to dig deeper and I found out that, in him too, there resided one avid follower of my blog ;-). But then again, I found out that he was more aware of how am doing rather than me having any clue about hows his life is going on. Believe you me, this gives an eerie feeling!

And so finally, the moral of the story is that, I’m taking a small sabbatical from the blog-o-world. I knw bohoto ke dil tootenge, bohot apne gharo me tezi se “Nahiiiiii!” bolenege…par kya kare…as I always say, “Its all part of life!”

Wo kya na, we scorpions always rather like to unfold secrets and keep ours very close instead of being an open book kinds. But on hindsight, these are not secrets anyway, this is just a way of living life. And so, for some time now, I am planning to live the other way round!!! But mind you, keep watching this space for more!!! :-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Revisiting IMT...

I had made it a point on March 18th, 2008 only, that, I won’t go back to my Alma mater just for the heck of it. Would go back there only when I would be invited! Now, that’s unreasonable n sounds mean…but I don’t knw then, why I decided that…

N so the invite came knocking last week when I got a call from the coordinators of the All India IT Conclave’09 which was to be held at the campus. I thought it was an invite to attend the conclave, so I just took it lightly but when I got to know that they wanted me to be one of the panelist for panel discussion, I was left wondering. I just told them, I need some time to come back on that. But, the call came again and this time I had to give in…after all how could I reject such an invite…

N so, today was the day when I went back to walk those lanes again, the roads where I’ve walked hand in hand with friends, where I hav rushed running to the exam halls, where I’ve drunk my nights out, where I’ve even fought some battles, where I’ve been ragged, where the nights hav got cozier, where I’ve prepared for my job interviews, where I’ve sung songs together, where we used to dance all night out, n where I’ve learnt several aspects of life…

As I’ve ushered in several delegates and HRs into the campus during my post-grad, today, I had several juniors ushering me in and the feeling, believe me, was quite different in itself. I thought, it was just yesterday only, when I was doing all this and was wondering at the same time whether I’m in for all this. But anyhow, the feeling was pleasant. I saw the same enthusiasm and zest in the eyes of the juniors…the same very intent…the same positive energy n similar competitive how different those days were…

So the first place where I walked in (or rather barged in) after reaching IMT was the Placecom, well, I must say that I have spent maximum time of my 2 years stint in IMT inside those four walls of the Placement Committee office. Met Pappachan sir who was still so kind and humble as always, it was pleasure sitting back at my computer where I used to track my sector for batch placements. It was heartening to see more computers and more phone-lines there. I remember we had to fight for phones to call up companies during our times (6 phones for 14 people), while now a dedicated phone and a computer for each JPC, well m sure this bigger, neater arrangement n this infra was at least commendable. It was nice to get the feelers from the Junior Placement Committee (JPC) members on how the JPC selection process is still that same terrific 5 round process with the first one definitely in a dark room ;). Mahn, loved that place.

Next I went to the mess (dining hall) and yeah, it has four Sony Bravias now while we used to have only one for us. But the smell in the mess was still the same old tinge. No comments on that!!! Also, was surprised to see that most of the faculty bunch was new and that was a little disappointing. In fact no Renu ma’am and Nilanjan Sir around the Placement committee affairs was definitely amiss. But then, as they say, show goes on!

While I was having my fun campus tour, I was reminded of the task at hand and the panel discussion was soon to begin. So the place for the Panel discussion was Kapilmohan, the same audi where we had held several Open houses. The panel was studded with eminent industry champions to name Mr. R.I.S Sodhi (CIO, PNB), Mr. Makhija (Country Manager, IBM, IMT’93), Mr. Singhal (President, Sai Synergy), Mr. Davar or Radhey (Services Sales-North zone, Wipro, my IMT’07 senior) and yeah I was overjoyed n excited to be the part of this eminent panel.

And so we began with Mr. Makhija’s impressive keynote address on the topic “IT as a sustainable competitive advantage”. Well all was going hunky-dory till I started being the Devil’s Advocate to bring some flavor to the discussion and to discuss the length and breadth of the topic. Gave some conclusive pointers on Innovation, Cloud Computing, and IT for SMEs to steer the discussion closer to the theme at stake. And so, the discussion went really well and the junta was excited with a flurry of questions, thanks to our panel.

Next we had a high-tea or a networking break and then I had to judge the B-Plan competition as a jury member which was again organized by SummIT, the IT club at IMT. I remember, this club was the legacy we started as our batch and it was surely a pleasure to see our juniors continuing and taking the legacy forward. The Bplan competition made me realize how things change and how I used to think in the same way during my B-school days as the participants of the competition and how thinking and perceptions change while you spend even some time in the corporate world.

But I guess it’s better to keep the two worlds separate only and things should better remain the same as they are, coz after all those small mistakes and crazy experiments at B-School only make us learn and have fun at the same time all the more.

N finally, I would like to conclude with what I used to tell my mom every-time she used to ask me my grades at IMT, my reply was always used to be the same ki “Chinta mat karo…mai IMT padhne nahi aaya hu, mai to IMT sirf seekhne aaya hu” and I was happy today that I lived upto my words :-).